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StudioSuite is The Ultimate Collection of Digital Marketing Dashboards for Google Suite and Google Data Studio

Kickstart Your Team's Use of Growth Marketing KPI's using our Dashboard Templates. Copy from our Google Data Studio Dashboard Template Library.
  • Select from our growing collection of pre-defined set of Google sales and marketing reports, such as: Google Analytics, SEO Search Console, PPC Google Ads, PPC Bing Ads, Google MyBusiness, Email Performance, Backlink Performance and Social Activity
  • Connect to your Google Analytics account and other data sources right-out-of-the-box.
  • We'll even help advise you on connecting them and give you a crash-course on how to do edits yourself
  • 24/7 team collaboration; easily organize and share your library of G Suite documents you use to manage your business.
  • Great for growth marketing teams to quickly understand their historical data across their digital brand (vs. logging in and out of every application everytime you need a piece of data. So tedious, such a waste of time.)
  • And, as a user of Google Suite, you can add any other documents and reports of your own. Share and make anything a menu item: Google Sheets. Slides. Docs. Forms. Drawings. Calendar. Drive Folders. Videos. PDFs. And, your own Google Data Studio Reports, too.

The Power Of Google Data Studio Without All The Fuss

Using Our Library Of Google Data Studio Reports Gives You So Much Flexibility
Data Intelligence and Trends
Our dashboard templates are chockfull of helpful indicators whether data is good or bad. Historical monthly or annual trending shows a "stoplight coloured" delta % between numbers, giving you a visual way to quickly assess if your digital brand is healthy.
Slice and Dice With Data Filters
With real-time data viewable at any time, you'll give your team a “single source of truth”. Date Range filters are easy to drop-down from a button and select -- the whole dashboard instantly reflects the new filtered data set. Context filters like "City" and "Device" allow you drill-down even further into the performance of your data.
These Are The KPIs You Are Looking For
Each of our pre-defined dashboard templates is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and testing about what KPIs are the most important to help you drive triple-digit growth. Need to export tables to a spreadsheet for deeper analysis? Every piece of data on the templates can be exported.
Make It Your Own
Once you've set up data connectors to your own copies of the Google Data Studio reports, you can start editing as you wish. Adding new data and graphs is so easy. In no time at all, you'll have dashboards looking exactly how you need them to tell your unique story.

Kickstart Your Growth Marketing By Quickly Connecting All Your Existing Data Sources To Copies of Our Pre-Defined Google Data Studio Templates