Marketing KPI’s

THESE are Marketing KPI's you've been looking for

The world of online marketing is swimming in KPI's. Not all are created equal.
  • Are Your KPI's Actionable? Seek to understand primary drivers behind your KPI's.
  • In agile marketing, we are interested in the trends of data over time, especially comparison metrics like ratio's and delta's. This helps us start to predict what we WANT to happen, vs. always being in reactive mode.

Four Main Categories Of Marketing KPI's

Attract Traffic
Getting people to your website includes mastering the 7 Channels of Google Traffic: Organic SEO, Paid PPC Ads, Display Ads, Social, Email, Referrals, and Direct Traffic. Number 1 KPI here is website traffic; more importantly, adjusting your approach to attract the most of the right type of people possible to your business.
Trust & Engagement
It's said that a person has to engage with a business 12 times before they reach out to them to buy a product or service. Otherwise known as "conversion," the whole point is to build increasing trust between the right customer and the business. Metrics like Click-Through-Rates (CTR), Cost-Per-Click (CPC) all relate
Customer Community
Your customer community delivers the most impactful KPI's to your business. If your community is healthy, responsive and growing, your business will do well. Metrics in this category include size of social media, # of likes, size of email lists, demographic and psychographic data, and net promoter (NPS), RAPID Loyalty and satisfaction scores.
Financial KPI's
With Financial KPI's, it's important not to rely on looking at historical data alone. Predict the future, then create it. KPI's in this category include COA (cost of acquisition), CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), Churn, MRR (Monthly Run Rate), and of course, Sales Revenue.

If you fail to measure, how can you celebrate success?

YOY % Website Traffic Increase
% SEO Organic Search Traffic Increase
% Increase in SEO technical rank
% Lead Conversion Increase