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A living, breathing data room for business at the speed of light.

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  • For Google G Suite Lovers
  • (works great with Microsoft Office 365, too)
  • Embed any "publish-to-the-web" app
  • Collaborate efficiently and precisely
  • "Single-sign in" access for your team with 2X Security
  • Unlimited users
  • Easily Customizable Menus
  • Stylize your branded skin
  • Works great on any device; mobile, tablet and desktop

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It’s like herding cats! Say goodbye to confusing or outdated email threads, skype and hangout chat room history, social messengers, and slack channels as a way to collaborate with files, folders & URL links.

A data room is never quite finished because you’re always revising it, reviewing it, and building upon it. Business moves quickly. It’s important to have connected data and information at your fingertips 24/7.
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  • This could be the most valuable investment you could make to help establish your business. For your stakeholders, internal, remote and external teams to collaborate efficiently and precisely, all using the same KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and rowing in the same direction? Priceless.
  • Grow As Your Business Grows
    Great for CEO’s and executive teams to share leadership and a broad range of data in fast-paced environments. 1Portal is easily adaptable to work with the needs of your business; moving from a data room to a ops dashboards & KPIs to help you manage.
  • 1Portal gives you 24/7 team collaboration.
Great for growth marketing teams to work with internal staff and multiple external vendors. Makes it easy to leverage the wealth of tools and insights Google provides for marketers. Easily organize and share your library of G Suite documents & dashboards you use to manage your business.
  • Help Your Advisors Advise You
Make it easier for advisors to easily tap in to deeper and current data to provide better and quicker insights for more meaningful conversations.

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The DBMMS Suite Deal

The works. 1Portal+StudioSuite+1Forecast+1Tracker. Save $250 per month (40% off, regular price $623 / month).

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A growing collection of Google Data Studio dashboards and ops templates to help kickstart your KPIs. We’ll also help set up your 1Portal for the first time and help you keep things going on a monthly basis.

Only $47 / month. Click here to buy.

Save $31.60 / month; Reg: $79. Includes 1Portal.

A living, breathing investor-strength 8-year cash flow forecast in Google Sheets. Bottoms-up sales funnel  & revenue modelling complete with churn. Always up-to-date with complete go-to-market costs, team costs and op costs. Also forecasts investor KPIs like COA/CLV, MRR, and ROI (NPV discounted cash flow as well as multiple X of revenue).

Only $117 / month. Click here to buy.

Save $78 / month; Reg $195. We help you get it set up with about 15 or so assumptions about your expected business milestones and pricing model.

Perfect for growth marketers. Measure the right marketing KPI’s using the “scientific method." First, Forecast your end-2-end sales funnel for the next year. Then, connect and track your actual data vs. forecast. Third, make agile adjustments for your marketing team to focus $ based on insights for optimization. Repeat!

Only $209 / month. Click here to buy.

Save $140; Reg $349. Includes 1Portal & StudioSuite.

With a full range of planning, creative and marketing management services, CMO4Hire can help establish your brand and your positioning as well as accelerate your go-to-market.

Visit www.cmo4hire.com for more info.

We help companies with Market Assessment micro-vouchers from Alberta Innovates, go-to-market federal funding and are a Tecterra approved vendor. Most of our clients are in the “B2B SME" category including startups, scaleups, pivots, scaling and established multi-jurisdiction businesses.

Overview of DBMMS.io Suite and 1Portal Workforce Collaboration

Share most everything in G-Suite: Google Sheets. Slides. Docs. Forms. Drawings. Calendar. Drive Folders. Videos. PDFs. Google Data Studio Reports. Also embed-in-web-type other apps like Microsoft Power B.I. and Office 365.

Empowering self-managed teams to make faster, better decisions.

The Power Of The Collaborative Cloud. Organized.
Custom Menu System
Customize everything. The top bar, the logo, the menu background, the menu items. Make it pop. To create a menu item, use "embed" or "publish-to-the-web" URLs available in all Google Suite apps (and many others). And BAM. It's a poppin'
A Single Source Of Truth
With real-time data viewable at any time, 1Portal gives your team a “single source of truth” that you’ll use faithfully in your ongoing team and vendor meetings. With a shared vision of data, conversations can be more meaningful, decisions can be more precise, and your collective progress will accelerate.
24/7 Team Collaboration and User Rights Mgmt
The magic of 1Portal is that it allows you to easily share your library of Google Suite documents AND it allows you to choose who sees what. Your staff, outside consultants and agencies, partners, your executive team -- all of them can have a different (or same view) of your data. Complete with vendors and their team with separate logins, private menu items and accounts.
2X Security
1Portal has got you covered with double-security for your most sensitive data. We've got 128K encrypted user accounts in SuiteMenu + you get the added bonus of Google's extensive security for your private data.
DBMMS leverages G Suite as a Powerful Application System
Google has solutions across the small business lifecycle. Applications like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets are 100% collaborative in the cloud. They also are a programming environment and can connect together by light-coding by you with Google Script or using AppMaker. Leveraging this inside 1Portal allows you to quickly build your team's operating environment.
It's not just for G Suite.
1Portal to rule them all. In addition to G Suite, any software platform that allows "publish-to-the-web," or "embed" views, can be easily included 1Portal. This is a growing list of hundreds of applications that support working where you want to work, including Microsoft Power B.I., Microsoft Office 365 DOC, PPT and XLS, Calendly, Monday, Canvanizer and many more (depends on software developers implementation...).

Startup Development Phases

How does CMO4Hire and DBMMS.io software help entrepreneurs as they grow?
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What G Suite Documents Can Your Team Share With DBMMS.io?

"Publish-to-the-web" and embed a wide range of Google G Suite documents, PDFs and 3rd party apps.