Are We On Track?

As a marketer, you’re under more pressure to be accountable for your results.

But with stretched in-house teams/skill sets, and increasing complexity of go-to-market strategies, you feel like you’re getting beat up every day, with no end in sight.

1Tracker will focus your team on getting more of the right things done. It helps predict more certain outcomes, makes sure you’re on track to get there and provides intelligent dashboards to help communicate your journey.

Get on Track, Stay on Track

The 1Tracker lifecycle follows 3 simple steps. Repeat.

Quickly create your annual plan.

Using the Digital Brand Sales Funnel as a framework, you'll use 1Tracker to automagically collect as much historical data as you can, and use that information with hundreds of flexible modelling assumptions to predict the next 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year results.

Execute your digital roadmap.

Persistence is 90% of the job in digital marketing. With 1Tracker, you'll follow an agile marketing methodology that helps you reduce the increasing complexity of your initiatives. Your team will stay on track with what's important; delivering leads in the short-term as well as growing your digital brand equity long-term.

Measure and gain insights.

A full-suite of interactive dashboards let you view and compare data over time, instantaneously, including full digital brand sales funnel data. Filters allow you focus on a wide range of related data, and learn from ratios and other deltas. These learnings feedback into the 1Tracker forecasting cycle on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

A Comprehensive Set of Agile Marketing Management Software Tools

The DBMMS platform is a proven system of dashboards, presentations, notes, and spreadsheets that allows your team to understand your end-2-end marketing data, trends, and ratios. Once your live data sources are connected, users can log in 24/7 to quickly review important KPI’s and channels, as well as get caught up on their to-do’s and status updates. This shared vision allows everyone to quickly make decisions. Adopt the live dashboards in your weekly marketing and executive ops meetings.

"Even though you are on the right track - you will get run over if you just sit there."

Will Rogers



Digital Brand Marketing Management System DBMMS

Create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and 8-year Pro-forma cash flow forecast with bottoms-up channel tactics & costs. Predict marketing and investor ROI with extensive KPI analysis.
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1Tracker measures your progress, analyzes trends and provides delta comparisons between your actuals and your forecast. Get more of the right things done.
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