• For Google G Suite Lovers
  • Collaborate efficiently and precisely
  • Secure logins for your team with 2X Security
  • Easily Customizable Menus
  • Embed any "publish-to-the-web" app
  • Brand Your Own Skin
  • Unlimited users

$ 19/month


1Portal is The Ultimate Workforce Collaboration Tool for Your Google G Suite, Google Drive Documents and Google Data Studio Dashboards

Share and embed anything: Google Sheets. Slides. Docs. Forms. Drawings. Calendar. Drive Folders. Videos. PDFs. And, Google Data Studio Reports.

For your internal, remote and external teams to collaborate efficiently and precisely.

  • SuitePortal gives you 24/7 team collaboration; easily organize and share your library of G Suite documents you use to manage your business.
  • So flexible! Allows you to use anything that has "publish-to-the-web" or "HTML embed" code.
  • Great for growth marketing teams to work with internal staff and multiple external vendors, partners and stakeholders
  • Great for CEO's and executive teams to share leadership and a broad range of data in fast-paced environments
  • Great for investors to keep track of a portfolio of companies
  • Great for Google Suite for Education users
  • If you use Google Suite, it's great for you, too!

Overview of DBMMS.io Suite and 1Portal for G Suite

The Power Of Google Suite. Organized.

The Magical Collaboration of G Suite For Your Whole Team
Custom Menu System
Customize everything. The top bar, the logo, the menu background, the menu items. Make it pop. To create a menu item, use "embed" or "publish-to-the-web" URLs available in all Google Suite apps (and many others). And BAM. It's a poppin'
A Single Source Of Truth
With real-time data viewable at any time, SuiteMenu gives your team a “single source of truth” that you’ll use faithfully in your ongoing team and vendor meetings. With a shared vision of data, conversations can be more meaningful, decisions can be more precise, and your collective progress will accelerate.
24/7 Team Collaboration and User Rights Mgmt
The magic of SuiteMenu is that it allows you to easily share your library of Google Suite documents AND it allows you to choose who sees what. Your staff, outside consultants and agencies, partners, your executive team -- all of them can have a different (or same view) of your data. Complete with vendors and their team with separate logins, private menu items and accounts.
2X Security
SuiteMenu has got you covered with double-security for your most sensitive data. We've got 128K encrypted user accounts in SuiteMenu + you get the added bonus of Google's extensive security for your private data.

What Are You Gonna Share?

Our Customers Say

My whole team uses G-Suite so there's literally 1,000 of documents online. SuiteMenu lets me easily organize and share the ones that are most important.
Jonathan Simpson
Jonathan Simpson
Marketing Manager
We've been so much more effective as a sales and marketing team; we understand where we're successful and where we need to improve. It's great to finally have visibility into marketing numbers as well. No more "black box."
Angelina Johnson
Angelina Johnson
Sales Manager
Having access to live 24/7 data in the SuiteMenu environment is so valuable. It's great to see our marketing data, but I also use it for our annual forecasts and to share projections and business ideas with my executive team and investors.
Philip Longer
Philip Longer

What G Suite Documents Can Your Team Share With DBMMS.io?

"Publish-to-the-web" and embed a wide range of Google G Suite documents, PDFs and 3rd party apps.