What's Your Plan?

Use 1Forecast to quickly create professional go-to-market strategies and cash flow forecasts that’ll get everyone rowing in the right direction.

Build Your Plan

A business forecast always includes modelling of these 3 largest bucket of expenses

Build defensible go-to-market strategies with bottoms-up calcs from hundreds of assumptions. Add team and op costs to paint the full picture. Create short-term monthly 1- to 3-year plans morphing into long-range 8-year cash flow forecasts.

Go-To-Market Strategy
1Forecast includes an extensive bottoms-up go-to-market forecast based on hundreds of default assumptions. It allows you to simulate a wide variety of revenue approaches and helps you model the entire end-to-end Digital Brand Sales Funnel.
Team Expenses
As your business moves through product development, marketing and sales milestones, 1Forecast will help you figure out what team members you need to scale and what variable costs they will bring to the organization over time.
Operational Costs
Always a pain-in-the-butt to model, the 1Forecast approach to op costs means reviewing some default assumptions and then letting the software build & scale the forecast over time.

Comprehensive 8-Year Cash Flow Forecast

As they say, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Don't be one of those. With 1Forecast, it's easier than ever.

Bottoms-Up Go-To-Market Strategy

A marketing strategy is a full financial model that connects to your business cash flow forecast. It’s rooted in it’s ability to drive real business results based on believable assumptions and models. 1Forecast includes bottoms-up modelling of your Digital Brand Sales Funnel.



Stephen King
1Forecast has so much in it, but my favourite feature? Being able to change the start month/date of the forecast and having the whole model instantly refactor. It sounds like a little thing, but having pitched to investors time and time again, it's good to have fresh financial forecasts to avoid discussions going down an unintended rabbit-hole.
Stephen King
Liam Goguen
Having all of this data at your fingertips can be an amazing thing. My favourite feature? The ability to quickly calculate and adapt 16 different revenue models, including Saas with churn calculations.
Liam Goguen
Data Science
Riley Kearl
My favourite feature is the ability to switch between "low-growth" and "high-growth" models for both go-to-market expenses as well as team costs. This allows us to easily see the impact of two scenarios of what-if calculations.
Riley Kearl