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1Portal To Rule Them All. The Ultimate Workforce Collaboration Tool for Your Google G Suite, Google Drive Documents and Sharing with Clients.
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The Ultimate Collection of Digital Marketing Dashboards for Google Suite and Google Data Studio
DBMMS StudioSuite Google Data Studio Reports
Perfect for growth marketers. Measure the right marketing KPI's. Track actual data vs. forecast. Predictive analytics help you prioritize time & $$$. Comprehensive dashboards. #hityournumbers
DBMMS 1Tracker Software
A living, breathing always up-to-date 8-year investor-strength cash flow forecast in Google Sheets. Model bottoms-up digital channels costs & sales results complete with churn. Always up-to-date with complete with go-to-market costs, team costs and op costs. Also calculates investor KPIs like COA/CLV, MRR, and ROI (NPV discounted cash flow as well as multiple X of revenue).
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“1Portal is the missing link to google g suite"

Google Cloud Next ’19
For internal, remote & external teams to collaborate efficiently and precisely.
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Agencies and Consultants
Easily manage hundreds of files and dashboards with multiple companies. Give your clients a single-logged-in portal experience.
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New Ways of Working Together Require New Ways of Thinking Together

For internal and external teams to collaborate efficiently and precisely. You already use G Suite. SuitePortal allows everyone to have their own login to the team portal with an easily customizable menu of Google Data Studio dashboards, Google Sheets, Slides, Docs, Forms, websites and a growing list of 3rd party files like PDFs and “publish-to-the-web” apps like Canvanizer and Microsoft B.I. Reports. SuitePortal is the perfect agile collaborative environment for your team.
Agencies and Consultants
For agencies and consultants to work with your clients’ internal teams as well as subcontractors. If you are in the business of helping multiple clients, you can collaborate efficiently and precisely with each of them individually. Give your clients a branded “logged-in-experience” using G Suite documents. As tracking KPI’s and dashboards become more important, this is the perfect agile collaborative environment for your work with your clients.
Finally! A structured, agile process around ongoing marketing execution that'll keep both internal teams and external vendors focused on doing more of the right things. 1Tracker predictive analytics forecasts an annual go-to-market strategy, and then connectors bring in data from 100's of different sources to compare. SuitePortal keeps everyone organized, including internal teams, external teams, vendors and sub-contractors. Are we on track? Hell, yes!
1Tracker Software
CEO's, CFO's and Stakeholders
1Forecast is a living, breathing cash flow forecast -- easy go-to-market build-up flowing into 8-year cash-flow financial projections. Management teams love 1Tracker because it gives unprecedented visibility into how marketing is driving numbers connected to the bottom line. SuitePortal delivers a flexible ops dashboard system using G Suite to work across all your distributed teams; remote, internal and external vendors.
1Forecast Software

Introduction to is "A.I. Infused Workforce Collaboration" for Google G Suite. Great for growth marketers. "Publish-to-the-web" & embed to share any type of document from Google G Suite. Get started by choosing some templates from StudioSuite. 1Tracker and 1Forecast software keeps everyone's time and $ focused on the right things.

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Measuring and improving our business has now become a weekly operational process vs. an annual epic battle. We continuously meet or beat our forecasts. We couldn't live without this software.
Jason Clements
Digital Manager,
Jason Clements
Before DBMMS, we really had no idea how to effectively forecast and track our ongoing business results. The dashboards are great and we can review our digital progress in less than an hour a week.
Kreg MacPhee
CEO & Founder,
Kreg MacPhee
Understanding how our sales funnel is performing really gives me insight into what my team should tackle next. We focus on more of the right things and we drive accelerated growth because of it.
Jeremy Greene
VP Marketing,
Jeremy Greene

A.I. Infused Marketing Workforce Collaboration

Triple-Digit Growth. Reduce Marketing Complexity. Single Source of Truth For Your Data.
1Forecast is the Saas cash flow modelling engine you've been yearning for
  • Hundreds of built-in assumptions support rapid prototyping of comprehensive go-to-market forecasts.
  • Easily add Team and Op Costs to produce an 8-year cash flow statement that will blow your socks off.
1Tracker measures your progress and analyzes trends between your actuals and your forecast
  • Agile marketing; get more of the right things done.
  • Be armed with data in tough conversations.
  • Includes our StudioSuite library of Google Data Studio dashboard templates to keep your team, your executives and your board informed.

"The DBMMS unified integrated data set is greater than the sum of its data silo'd parts. When you put the pieces together, you can quickly get answers to questions you can't even ask with the individual pieces."

Dr. Bob Hayes, Ph.D.

Operationalize Your Digital Brand Sales Funnel

1Tracker helps you operationalize the measurement and analysis of your Digital Brand Sales Funnel. In agile marketing, we are interested in the trends of data over time as well as conversion ratios along the customer journey. This helps us vision what we WANT to happen, vs. always being in reactive mode.

The Single Most Important Marketing KPI

Website Traffic. Check Your Website’s Ability To Get Some.
Bottoms-Up Go-To-Market Strategy
Model your go-to-market strategy via Google's 7 Sacred Channels of Traffic using bottoms-up calcs for growth, engagement & expenses.
8-Year Cash Flow Forecast
Combine the Go-To-Market strategy with predictive team forecasts and easy-to-assume op costs. Polish off your cash flow forecasts in 10% of the time.
Track Actuals vs. Forecast
Using an agile approach, focus your team on getting more of the right things done. Forecast, then connect your data sources.
Customize To Your Marketing Tech Stack
DBMMS is a system and process; we were technology agnostic. Whatever you have for a tech stack, you can track the data.
Comprehensive Dashboards
A full set of Google Data Studio dashboards including DBMMS, Google Analytics, Search Console, PPC ads, Youtube & Social.
Familiar Spreadsheets
DBMMS software maintains forecasts and tracking data using Google Sheets for transparency, portability and collaboration.