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1Portal To Rule Them All. The Ultimate Workforce Collaboration Tool for Your Google G Suite, Google Drive Documents and Sharing with Clients.
DBMMS SuiteMenu Google G Suite
Perfect for consultants and agencies. All the time saving and collaborative features of 1Portal plus instantaneous switching between client files.
DBMMS 1Tracker Software
Collection of Digital Marketing Dashboards for Google Suite and Google Data Studio with Ongoing Education
DBMMS StudioSuite Google Data Studio Reports

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“1Portal is the missing link for Google G Suite, Documents and Dashboards"

“1Portal To RULE THEM ALL"
“If you love G Suite, you’ll love 1Portal"
For internal and external teams to collaborate efficiently and precisely. You already use G Suite. 1Portal allows everyone to have their own login to the team portal with an easily customizable menu of Google Data Studio dashboards, Google Sheets, Slides, Docs, Forms, websites and a growing list of 3rd party files like PDFs and “publish-to-the-web” apps like Canvanizer and Microsoft B.I. Reports. 1Portal is the perfect agile collaborative environment for your team. Saves 15% of your teams time every month.
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Agencies and Consultants
For agencies and consultants to work with your clients’ internal teams as well as subcontractors. If you are in the business of helping multiple clients, you can collaborate efficiently and precisely with each of them individually using 1PortalAgency. Give your clients a branded “logged-in-experience” using G Suite documents. Switch between clients quickly with a drop-down list.
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“With Work Nicer’s expansion to multiple outposts in Calgary and Edmonton, the Work Nicer team is more spread out and going faster than ever. 1Portal keeps us in touch with what we’re working on together so we can have shorter meetings and make faster decisions.”
Arielle Land
Head of Marketing and Communications,
Arielle Land
“What a great ‘Data-Room!’ HealthJobHub needs to move quickly so to have all of this data accessible live, 24/7 using our existing G Suite documents is fantastic.”
Prasanthi Naidoo
President & CEO at HealthJobHub
Prasanthi Naidoo
Measuring and improving our business has now become a weekly operational process vs. an annual epic battle. We continuously meet or beat our forecasts. We couldn't live without this software.
Jason Clements
Digital Manager,
Jason Clements
Understanding how our sales funnel is performing really gives me insight into what my team should tackle next. We focus on more of the right things and we drive accelerated growth because of it.
Jeremy Greene
VP Marketing,
Jeremy Greene
Before DBMMS, we really had no idea how to effectively forecast and track our ongoing business results. The dashboards are great and we can review our digital progress in less than an hour a week.
Kreg MacPhee
CEO & Founder,
Kreg MacPhee
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